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i'm sorry

I am so sorry to those of you who have gotten bit. I know sometimes it's not explainable.
I was bitten by a dog when I was three. My parents told me that their cousins put their dog down because of it. I feel terrible because of that. Still, and I am in my 30's. Did they ever think maybe it was the way I held my hand to pat him? Maybe the dog was afraid of me, or maybe the dog had bad experiences with small children pulling fur or poking at him? I don't have any recolection of the bite and I have no fear of any dogs. I have also been bitten so bad by my friends cat because I was holding him during a flee bath that he bit me so hard on my thumb he hit bone and I bled pretty bad, but I know it was because he was afraid. Be patient with them as some of them have fear enough to do something like that, and they have no voices to be able to tell us why.
Best wishes.
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