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Arrow jumping solution

Originally Posted by nek1973 View Post
These all make me laugh - love the tabasco sauce!

I have a 10 month old Soft Coated Wheaton - VERY EXCITABLE.

We conquered the "sit", but are having a hard time with the jumping. He gets so excited he cant even hear us say no.

How can we calm him down enough for him to understand not to jump?

He is my little !
maybe i can help, here's a trick that works great, i've never had a dog i've trained not respond to it and it's a gentle way of handling the "jumping" problem. every time your "little devil" jumps, raise your knee up- bocking the jump and making them uncomfortable the inability to reach you properly then as you do this firmly say "break it off" with each repeat of jumping, respond the same. this even works to stop a dog that isn't yours (we all have been visiting a friend who's dog jumps up as soon as you get there, trust me this works!) as for continuing with your dog, use this "break it off" command every time dog puts himself (whether it's one leg or four) on something he shouldn't. each time you use it, physically correct him by removing his paws from couch, table, ect. once your dog is used to this command you can then use it when he goes to jump on someone else a simple "break it off" and down he will go. also it's time to teach a "corrective sound", i personally use an "ack" sound, if you've ever seen the dog whisperer he uses a "ch" sound, by finding the sound you can make and using it before any corrective command (ex. dog jumps on you- up goes knee with a back of your throat "ack" sound and an immediate "break it off" and down dog goes, he repeats again, you repeat, after couple tries dog gets it and responds to command)
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