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I can relate

when I was hmm about 9 I was on the play ground before school and there was a german shepard there and one of the other kids yelled attack and for some reason it responded to this verbal command and came charging at me it nipped my hand and tugged my ocat but for years and years i was afraid of german shepards It turns out this particulair boy was a retired police dog and was only trained to respond to one voice but for what ever reason e did this thankfully i wasnt hurt badly and the dog wasnt put to sleep but I remember it took me a long time before i could be around a german shepard and not be afraid and now i am the proud owner of a german shepard/ rottweiler thankfully I have goten over my fear or i would never have known the joys of Ladybug she is a huge part of my world and I am gratefull every day we spend together I wish you the best in your recovery form your fears and your injurys
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