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Nose and Eye boogers

My cat has a similar problem. She has dry reddish black colored crust that builds up mostly in her nose. She also gets the crust in her eyes. I got her from a shelter this past summer and she has had the problem since. I need to clean her eyes and nose on a daily basis. She is very happy and never appears sick. I recently took her to the vet who tested her for HIV, Leukemia, and Bartonella. The results were all negative. After looking on the web, these symptoms sound like cat herpes to me. I don't know if I should take her back to the vet or just accept that she is fine and has a problem with boogers! By the way, she is an orange, black, and white cat!! Maybe it does have something to do with the color!!
If you look at the picture below, you can see the dark spots inside her nose. Her nose naturally has brown spots on the outside.
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