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drdouggie are you a vet?

drdouggie, are you a vet? PLEASE answer this question because your name suggests that you are.

I know a bit about homeopathy and the principle of treating like with like.

Do you have personal or specific knowledge that what the vet in this thread said is wrong?

Just so you know the vet did not say to feed the dog or cat onions, but rather use allium, onion in an incredibly reduced concentration.

Here is just one other source of many that also suggests allium for cats and dogs



Allium cepa - homeopathic natural medicine remedy
Remedy characteristics for Allium cepa (Onion)

Homeopathic Allium cepa is used for conditions that cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes, like cutting up onions.

Main medical uses for Allium cepa



Same indications as for dogs above.
Cat flu with bouts of sneezing and streaming eyes and nose with a watery discharge.

Use Allium cepa at a 30C potency up to 4 times daily until symptoms subside. If in doubt, contact your own vet.
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