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What can low proteine levels indicate?

Hello everyone,

I found this posting through a search engine when I searched for low proteine levels in blood. I am from the Netherlands and have a very sweet 8 year old West Highland White Terrier.

We have done extensive blood testing on our Westie. Initially the problem was that her hind legs appeared to be getting weaker. Not that she was limping or had trouble walking, but she was having trouble jumping on couches and standing on her hind legs only. Other than that she was lethargic and didnt eat properly. She also lost some weight. The only tests that were abnormal were her thyroid gland (slow) and her proteine levels were low.

SHe got better though and regained the strength in her hind legs (although not quite as strong as the were previously), she started eating more and was more active. She gained back some weight as well.

A month after the first tests and about two weeks after she looked better we did the proteine test again and it was ever so slightly better but still way too low. So we had her urine tested to see if that was how she was losing it. This was not the case. Now the next step will probably be an endoscopy, where they have a look inside with a camera (?).

What I am wondering about is what are the things that low proteine levels can indicate?? What are the prognoses and treatments? I know there are several possible causes but I would so much like to know what to prepare myself for. The doctor was reluctant to say anything because she wanted to discuss with the internist first.

I am extremely worried so any help from any of you would be much much appreciated!


a Westie Lover
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