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Originally Posted by heidiho
So what would you say is more effective tape on couches or spray??
Hi and thanks for the welcome. Wow, this place has a TON of members.
It depends on the cat. Of course with spray, they may still go for it and be successful if they don't concentrate on the odor or don't bother sniffing at it. The tape seems to work. I recall doing that to my parents sofa and her cat attempted to stretch out at claw at it. Well, she "slid" down the front of it. She tried again, same thing. She sat there and just stared at the couch looking so perplexed, but she's smart as a whip....rather than concentrating on scratching the was a new game! Playing, "Get the tape off the couch" It was actually very cute. She had a blast! But all on all it works as long as you dont mind having tape on your furniture. Someone here mentioned wood posts? They do enjoy that usually but we've seen cats come into the clinic with chunks in their feet....splinters. Not often mind you , but it's happened. So, be careful with that. Also,somebody mentioned Variton Spray. Yes, I don't know why I didn't mention that. We use it on splints and badages to discourage licking. It works on most but some cats are VERY determined It will create frothing and drooling etc. I always feel guilty about using it when the animal ends up getting a mouthful. I prefer products with a bad odour that deter so the might sense it before licking.
But, what it comes down to, is that declawing is an extremely painful recovery/procedure. And god forbid your kitty ever gets out or in a bad situation, they'd be prey b/c of a choice you made. Trimming nails is easy. You can do it yourself. Buy a good pair of cat trimmers. Have someone hold your cat and have their leg extended for you. You take the paw and press gently to extend their nails. Now, just snip off the rounded hooks. You just have to be careful not to hit the quicks. Which on cats are usually far back. So, as long as you just take the hook, you're safe. OR, the vet will do it for you on a regular basis, OR go into your vet and request they "show" you how. We'd do that often for clients. Well, thanks for all the replies. I'm heading back to the Animal Rights cafe now. I had to keep scrolling up to see make sure I ws posting in the right one. The set up is almost exactly the same! Thanks again for the welcome ....Go hug your cats!!!!!!!