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another good product

Another good spray to keep your kitties from chewing (and once they get a taste of it they generally will not go near something sprayed with it) is Variton spray, it is a bandage protectant that you can purchase through your vet. Works lovely on plants too. Mind you it is very bitter and cats froth a lot of saliva if they have something bitter in thier mouth so do not become alarmed if that happens, it will not harm them, it just tastes disgusting. I have used it in areas that my cats would scratch and now they leave it alone (they only make the mistake once and that is enough for them). As well I have a couple of "natural wood" scratch posts - just find a nice thick beach log with the bark worn off and cut a chunk of it out and nail it on a base and voila! My cats LOVE it and the best thing is it doesn't look worn quickly (just a bit of wood shavings at the base to vaccum up)