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carol_izzy If it was me I would choose to introduce adult dogs from a rescue that fosters dogs in home with cats rather than a puppy or an older puppy who had been exposed to cats preferably 6 months and older

For one cats are territorial so may end up ganging and attack a very young puppy, my cats used to try and hunt my ferret that was the size of a young puppy though the ferret was just as much as a hunter and wanted the cats as well ther have no fear of size he he even went after the greyhound once whe he got loose and had the greyhound in a corner screaming for me to save him,

number 2 a puppy will go thru a very active stage and try to treat the cats and though they are puppies and they may be too rough for a cat,

number 3 the pup may mature and think cats should be for dinner. just because you rasie a dog from a puppy does not mean it will be cat safe, some dogs have natural high prey instincts that no amount of training is going to get rid of. So yoiu could end up living in a divided house if thing do not go well.

95 % of ex racing greyhound are able to live successfully with a cat some of the greyhound rescue groups have foster homes in which to test them in, I used to be a foster home that did that, some groups are able to bring in greyhound from the US who have been tested down at the track adoption groups.

There 3 greyhound adoption groups in Calgary if you are interested all 3 offer details on what a greyhound is like as a pet on their website, just because they are racers don't assume they are hyper, they calm, relaxed and a very easy going breed that does well even in apartments.
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