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You should have no problem introducing a playmate to Tucker! He is still a baby and would love another kitty to join him in trashing your house.

Get a kitten a little younger than Tucker, but not too much younger or he may accidentally hurt it. Try and choose a kitten that has a calm personality and is not fearful or overly shy. Put the new kitten by itself in a room until it gets it's bearings and feels comfortable. This will not take long at that age - maybe a day or so.

Take a towel and alternate rubbing Tucker and new kitty with it, so their scents are interchanged.

Then you can open the door and let the new kitten come out on it's own, or let Tucker go into the room. There might be a few hisses, but toss down some toys for them to play with, or some treats and they should be best friends in no time.

The biggest mistake people make when adding cats to the home is to bring the new cat in and plunk it down in the middle of house. The new cat is usually very frightened, and the resident cat feels invaded and rightfully so. When this happens, it can take a long time to get the cats together.

But as I said, it's a million times easier with kittens! Let us know!!
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