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Unhappy cat bite

Well this is my introduction to this website.
Yesterday my cat, (who is normally mild-mannered and kept indoors over the winter months), got outside yesterday so I went to get him. He was up on a neighbour's fence so I talked to him as I approached. The ears went down and he hissed (highly unusual) but it didn't even cross my mind that my own cat would bite guessed it I reached up for him he sank his teeth in and the harder I screamed the more often he bit me. I couldn't believe it! Break the skin?? Hell yes I lost count as I tried to bandage it up.

Well after reading all your posts, I guess I am off to a trip to the doctor's today. And the worst of it is this.....I was coping with a sick family member over the summer so I forgot to get the cat's rabies shots in August. I am so afraid they will do something to him.

Bye for now
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