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I agree with everyone else very helpful post. I'm sorry to here about your extremely bad run in with a stray, and can relate to the mental stress afterwards as when I was 12 I was attacked by two large dogs in a park while walking my uncle's boxer. She stepped in and held them at bay but it's still a very scary thing and I was lucky enough to escape unharmed. I don't blame the two dogs, they never asked to be raised by an irresponsible owner who never socialised and trained them enough and they didnt ask to be let offlesh that day but it took me quite ahwile to put it behind me and even harder to rid myself of any personal predjuidces I gained that day against those two breeds ( happened to be a golden retriever and a dobbie, both breeds that I love very much).

One questions about seeking medical treatment for any open skin wounds would this apply to puppy nips as well. My 14 week Rotti/German Shepherd/ Collie pup is still badly teething and still trying to test his place in the pack hiearchy and occasionally has nipped me, not with alot of force but those little teeth are so sharp that it has broken the skin. He's already had his rabies shot and is up to date on his vaccines would I still need to go get anti-biotics or would keeping it clean be good enough?

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