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Update on "Pregnant cat?"

I made an appt. for KitKat on the 21st of June, but due to a vet. emergency, it had to be rescheduled. I brought her in yesterday, and indeed, she is pregnant. I was a little dissapointed, though, because not only could the Dr. not tell me how far along KitKat is, but she had no idea how many kittens there will be. Her only reply to those questions is, "It's hard to tell." But any day now, we should be seeing the new little sweeties.

I do wonder, though; what do I do now? I fixed up a box with one of my daughters old baby blankets for her to (hopefully) have her babies in. But it seems like I should be doing something else.. This is a big deal to me, and I am sure it is to my KitKat, too. It just seems like I should be doing something.

Are there signs to watch for indicating when KitKat is going into labor? The Dr. Didn't elaborate too much on that.

Any help is appreciated.

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