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I'm Sarah, recently moved to Montreal, Canada, from Norway. Lewis and I currently have Dani (Duck Toller mix) and are waiting to adopt Bella!

I grew up in a home where the only sure thing was that there was my parents, my brother and a cat. At times there were budgies (lots of them over the years, love them!), finches, an aquarium at one time, and two attempts at making my dad accept a dog. Other than this, we were always moving from one city to another as my dad climbed the "ladder" in the bank he worked for.

Once on my own, I always made sure I had a cat (not now though ) tried turtles for my son, and kept several dogs. Some rescues, some mixes, some pure bred. My all-time favorite breed? The Hovawart! Mine was 28.7" at the shoulder! A little tall for the standard, but what a personality. I'll always remember and miss Rafal.

This forum is great, I'll be checking in every day
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