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Wow, that must have hurt!

I was bitten by a dog once - nipped a few times by my aunt's Cocker, but this was different. I was at a garage, and the owner was away, leaving his Briard "in charge". I had a husky and a rott at the time and this black dog didn't worry me, especially as he was loose. I figured you don't leave a dog loose if he's agressive, right?

He came up to me, I petted him, all well and good. I looked around for some human presense and saw none. As I left I held my hand out to pet the dog again, and in a flash he grabbed by hand. Lucky for me, he just bit down and didn't rip or shake his head.

I went straight to the police station, and they did talk to the owner (apparently someone on the borderline of legality and being watched by the law already for other matters). I just washed my hand and left it at that, but the next day I had to go to the doctor with a hand doubled in size.

Lucky thing though, just some antibiotic medicine and a few uncomfortable days, and I was fine again. The dog was tested for rabies, and was fine too.

I still to this day don't know what his problem was, why he bit me. Maybe he thought I had taken something while looking for his owner, I don't know. I never went near him again (he always strayed around the next-door supermarket parking, I was worried about all the kids and elderly crossing there all the time), but I wasn't mad at the dog.

I had dogs at the time, like I said, and I have had dogs since; I don't go out of my way to avoid dogs. This was a one-time incident, maybe even for the dog in question, and will not alter my behavior with, or view on dogs. There is always one bad apple to give the others a bad reputation. Try to forget it and move on.

By the way, I do still have a scar (this was 12 years ago) but so minimal even I have trouble seeing it smetimes.
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