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I've grown up with cats, and many of them we've either obtained as kittens, or were birthed on our property. Actually... there has only been one (a stray. barn cat probably) that we took in as a fully mature feline.

I'm now living in a city apartment (versus a country home) and we got a kitten about a month (maybe a little over) ago. Out of the dozen+ cats I've lived with throughout my life, I've never had one as badly behaved as him. He uses the litter box fine, but he is hyper active, and will pounce on anything, whether it's stationary or mobile, sedentary or provoking. For example, he'll violently attack the underside of our coffee table or the broken drawer nob on the side of it, or he'll be sitting on my desk and he'll pounce on and start gnawing on my hands.

Also, he won't learn that things are bad. Like climbing up our legs, climbing up the table cloth to get on the counter or eating our hands/faces. We've tried water, clapping, nose taps, "psssts!"and persistant removal of him from said legs/counter/etc, but he continues on. my roommate apparently sprayed water at him, and he just looked at her then proceeded to lap up the water droplets on the counter. wtf?

Is this kitten just overly obnoxious or are we actually doing something wrong? I've never had a strictly indoor cat, so I don't know if it's the lack of an outdoor environment that doesn't allow for him to have an outlet for energy. He's got some jingle balls and a plethora of paper wads and pens to play with... and we do play with him. I play with him the same way I do with our cats at home --- either by rubbing his belly (thus resulting in a hand attack) or with strings. The only problem with that, is that he attacks our stationary hands and toes, too, where my home-cats do not and never did - it was always when provoked.
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