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Members' pet encyclopedia - Please read guidelines - This forum is for answers only

Dear members and guests,

We thought that this alphabetized encyclopedia-like forum on diseases and behaviour problems, based on our members' personal experiences, could be a great resource to other members and guests and we thank you in advance for helping. This will be a work in progress and order for it to work efficiently (meaning EXTREMELY easy to search for specific problems), there needs to be a few guidelines that will help everyone. Here are those guidelines:

1 - The goal of this forum is to share personal experiences with others. This particular forum IS NOT for questions. Please DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS HERE.
If you have a question that is health related ask it in the pet health forum If you have a training or behaviour question ask it in the pet training forum

2 - The thread title must be like a traditional encyclopedia. So if your dog had hip dysplasia for example, and you want to share that experience to help others, the thread title should be Hip dysplasia in dogs. It should not be 'my experience with hip dysplasia'. It should not be 'what happened to my dog'. It needs to be crystal clear (like a real encyclopedia) so that when the next visitor is looking for information on hip dysplasia they just have to look at the title. Other members should feel free to reply and add their own experiences on the same topic for any given thread.

3 - Any entry or reply needs to be in your own words. PLEASE do not copy information from any book, website or other resource. We really want members to share their own experiences in their own words.

Please feel free to reply to this sticky and provide honest feedback, commentary, or suggestions that will improve this particular forum.

Thanks in advance to the best BB members on the net!


Please tactfully EDUCATE or IGNORE posters you don't agree with.
Please PM me & Include URLs and post #'s for any issues and it's my pleasure to help.
I'm firm - but fair. Mind the Rules and enjoy your stay.
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