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Originally Posted by Lucky Rescue View Post
Yes, there are breeds known for not being good with other smaller pets. Schnauzers may not be good, unless the dog is used to cats or has lived with them. The same can be true of any dog, but in GENERAL, terriers and northern breeds are often not good with cats because they often have a very high prey drive. Boston terriers, however, are usually pretty good with other animals and don't seem to have prey drive on a level with other terrier breeds.

My suggestion is to find a rescued dog who is in a foster home with other animals and is known to be good with them. That's what I did, and found a dog who is absolutely perfect with my cats.
I don't know much about terriers as I've never owned one, but I do take some offense to the "northern" breeds not being good with cats. We've owned both an Elkhound and a Husky and both were very gentle and loving with our cats, even when they were tiny kittens. We even had a pet rabbit with the Husky and she was much gentler with it than the cats! The cats all wanted to poke at the rabbit and basically try to get it to play like they did but the husky would just lay next to it and lick it's ears. I think most dogs do fine if they are introduced to cats/kittens when they are puppies. It's always a bit harder when they are older but not impossible. I don't think any particular breed is better than another - there are exceptions with every breed - but it mostly has to do with the owner more than anything.
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