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Here is what I found

This technique is based on the conditioned response to teach your dog that other dogs are a joy to be around. The idea is that when another leashed dog is present the bar is open, meaning that wonderful things happen. When the other dog leaves then the bar closes and all those wonderful things disappear. Here is how to make it work for your dog:

Choose a spot where other dogs pass by with some frequency. Make sure you are well stocked with your dog's favorite treats and rewards.
As soon as a dog comes into sight the bar is open. You flood your dog with treats, play things and attention. When the dog goes out of sight the bar closes and all the fun stuff gets put away. Ignore your dog (while standing on his leash) for at least a couple of minutes or at least until the next dog comes by.
As the next dog comes into sight the bar opens back up again, when the dog goes the bar closes.
As you repeat this over and over, it will teach your dog in no uncertain terms that other dogs mean good things. Which will in turn help your dog to enjoy being around them more.
A important part of the open baróclosed bar technique is that the bar is always open when another dog is present even if your dog is barking, jumping or otherwise acting uncontrollable. You are not trying to teach him to behave but rather to react well to the presence of other dogs.

All leash related bad habits take time to overcome and will require all your skills as a trainer. If you don't teach and continually practice your dog in the art of good leash manners he will simply revert back to his previous way of acting.

Given enough love, training and practice your dog can learn to become a wonderful well mannered dog who is a pleasure to take with you anywhere.


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