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Lightbulb What an unfortunate illness

Wow! I luv my dog, but not that much! Thats's about time these pervs are being exposed. I have the cutest Japanese Chin/spaniel and i suspected an x-roommate of molesting her. It was strange because she would smell of baby-oil which he ironically preferred over lube(i was shocked). It must be a sad disease to have.! I have a good theory though, I believe these sick-os develop this behavior around puberty, mainly kids who are insecure about sex and are sexually frustrated. Anyway, this frustration is usually taken out on the family pet because it is a live object and it won't judge the performance, then i guess it becomes an unhealthy pleasure or secret infatuation as time goes, thats why i think adults into beastiality developed this problem because they "lost their virginity" to a pet and now they are attached to this activity into adulthood. (Similar to Child abusers in some cases, who as kids themselves engaged in sexual activities with other kids and, as time goes by they don't seem to get over this type of behavior which of course becomes a problem when they become adults...where as a kid with a normal sexual appetite just masters himself to thoughts of a crush or adult films to start off with, as their sexual tastes evolve with age. If one feels curious about it or just develops these behaviors all of a sudden then maybe they should get a mental evaluation. Well those are my thoughts and i'm not justifying this behavior just mainly trying figure the root of this illness.
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