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are you excercising your dog properly?? I found when my dog had extreme seperation anxiety (she would tear up the house and one day ate her way through the back door) i found that a long and intense excersise session in the morning and as soon as you get home worked wonders. if you tire it out in the morning it will probably be a little more content and not so energetic (therefore calming the dog and tiring it out), and i mean a good run in the morning not a walk at the park. there are also some great dog trainers out there that may be able to help you- in australia we have a group called bark busters that come to your home and help with training - i feel dog crates are cruel for normal animals (appropriate for those dogs with probs) i mean really the dog is an animal with instincts not a flexible accessory that is locked up when need be - how natural is that. would you lock up a naughty child?? if your problem can not be solved within a reasonable time frame then you must consider weather the dog is really appropriate for you family - maybe out of kindness, fairness etc you should give it up.
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