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Crossposting - Update:
(you can email or write a letter with any concerns - click in for links)
Man Charged Under New Law
Wife photographs husband engaging in act covered under new animal cruelty law
Update as of 3:26pm PST: We have spoken with the District Attorney in the McPhail case who assures us that the female dog (the victim) will not be euthanized as she is considered "evidence" and will be held until conviction or acquittal. The male dog, it appears, may be placed for adoption.

Both dogs are being held at the local humane society (as the alleged crime took place in their area). It is Pasado's concern that a dog, already deemed "aggressive" be kept in a kennel for months, even years, as a legal case makes its way through the courts. The last cruelty case Pasado's worked on left a dog in a kennel for 18 months.

Pasado's is offering Animal Control (under whose purview this case falls under) to release both dogs to Pasado's Safe Haven provided that we pay for any bond necessary to insure the public's safety. Additionally, the local humane society who may adopt out the male, does not perform home checks, which Pasado's does. We could assure that this dog will be placed in a loving home (We also do requisite unannounced checks following adoption.)

Furthermore, releasing the female dog to Pasado's Safe Haven would provide the animal the opportunity for professional behavioral assessment and training. We would assume all costs for this. We are now in communication with Cesar Milan, National Geographic Channel's "The Dog Whisperer" who is a specialist in pitbull behavior and aggression. Cesar helped Pasado's with dogs we rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Neither he nor Pasado's believes that truly vicious dogs should be adopted. But we also believe that every dog should be given a fair chance. This female pup shouldn't be locked in a kennel without daily loving and training. Please stay tuned to this website for updates.

As of today:
Pasado's Safe Haven is asking for people from across the country to help save a dog who was the victim of bestiality who now faces death!

This year, Pasado's wrote and passed the first anti-bestiality felony law in Washington State. This past week, Michael Patrick McPhail was arraigned in court for having had sexual relations with his pitbull on his back porch. His wife caught him in the act and photographed the act with her cell phone. McPhail's arrest was the first under the new Pasado's Safe Haven Bestiality Law.

Pasado's Safe Haven offered to take both the dog who was hurt and another pitbull the family owned. Local animal control authorities confiscated both dogs. They have stated that the female, who had been violated by McPhail, has a history of aggression (who could blame her!) and may need to be euthanized.

What to do if this dog is truly aggressive?
First, we won't just give up without a try. We have a wonderful working relationship with Cesar Millan, National Geographic's "The Dog Whisperer". Cesar specializes in aggressive pitbulls. If indeed she is aggressive. Working with someone who is compassionate and knows the breed is key. We believe why not try to help an animal before you "give up"?

What YOU can do to help:
Let the local media know that the nation cares about what happens to this dog - that we cannot allow her to be betrayed a second time in her life. Write to the following:
--Include your name and what state you live in
--Tell them that the new Pasado's Bestiality Law caught the man who violated his dog but this dog may be killed now!
--Ask them politely to follow this case. Pasado's Safe Haven has offered to take this dog and provide professional behavioral help.
--Pasado's will put up a bond to protect the public if needed.
--Why not give her a chance?

E-mail to:
The Tacoma News-Tribune (the local paper)

Stanley Farrar, Managing Editor of The Seattle Times
(largest metro paper near to where the incident took place)

Local TV stations:

Last June Pasado’s Safe Haven staff stood next to Governor Gregoire as she signed SB6417 into law making Washington the 36th state to pass anti-bestiality legislation. Pasado’s Safe Haven wrote the statute language and worked with Senator Pam Roach and hundreds of supporters to make this deplorable practice a first degree animal cruelty felony.

This week a man was the first person charged under this new law after his wife caught him, on camera, sexually abusing their family pet on their porch. Michael Patrick McPhail was arraigned in a Pierce County courthouse after pleading not guilty to having sex with the
four year-old dog. If convicted, the twenty-six year-old father of two will face a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine. The court can also order psychiatric counseling and treatment. Additional requirements can include restrictions on owning, harboring or residing in a household with animals. McPhail posted $300,000 bail and was released.

If you followed the passage of SB6417 on our website you likely know that psychiatrists categorize zoophilia (sex with animals) in the same family of sexual disorders as pedophilia and necrophilia. Aside from the deliberate cruelty inflicted on a defenseless animal, this behavior can devastate families and many times coexists with additional sexual disorders.

The now infamous Enumclaw case should be enough evidence to convince anyone that individuals who engage in zoophilia are unstable criminals. This was the incident that that precipitated passage of SB6417.

We’ll be following this case closely to see if District Attorney enforces the law we all
worked so hard so pass. If not, we’ll remind them and ask for your help. Stay tuned.

Man could be charged under cruelty law
Prosecutors say a man’s wife caught him having sex with their dog. He might be the first in the state charged under a new animal cruelty law
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