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Expand this as needed for the number of hungry tummies.

Cut (3) red peppers in half, cleaned, seeded and de-pithed. If you can still BBQ so much the better ~ if not, put them cut-side down on a baking sheet under the broiler until the skin is charred and blistering off the flesh. Immediately place in a grocery store type plastic bag and seal by knotting the bag. Set aside until cooled. Chop up a can of anchovies into small bits (no one EVER knows I put the hairy fish in if I chop it small enough...). Add a tablespoon or so of cracked black peppercorns (*no, black pepper powder is NOT the same here) so either buy them cracked or whole and grind them coarsely in your pepper mill/ spice grinder. Julienne (slice lengthwise to about 1/4" wide or just tear it up if you're not in touch with your inner Julia Child) some fresh basil. Drizzle with a good quality extra-virgin olive oil and toss gently to mix. Let it sit on the counter to steep the flavours. By now your peppers should be cool. Peel off the skin ~ it should come off quite easily but no mega-worries if it doesn't all slough off. Toss the peppers with the basil mixture add a little more oil if needed ~ if the peppers have a sheen and the basil mix is sticking to it you're good to go. Refridgerate overnight if you are making it the night before but leave it out during the morning of your feast day as it's meant to be at room temperature and the flavours evolve better with time.
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