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i was attacked by a dog in december. it was awful. i spent a week in the hospital, including christmas. i've been out of work since and after months of physical and mental therapy, i'm trying to get back on my feet. i don't think i'll ever be the same. you try not to make a big deal about it but it really is. if i didn't have someone with me that day i would of been dead. thankfully the dog was updated on his vaccines. i had more of an issue with the doctors. i had punctures and bruises all over my body, my right arm getting it the worse. instead of keeping me in the hospital, the doctor stitched up my arm and sent me home with antibiotics...3 days later my arm is infected and gangrene! i've been a dog lover my whole life but after this incident i find it hard to even be around dogs. i tense up and become very uncomfortable...this situation isn't good for the dogs around me either because they sense this. anyway, i spent months in therapy and unfortunatley i still have issues and nightmares. i'm hoping someday i can get over this and have my love of dogs back but as for now i'll stick with my cats.
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