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Hi again, and thank you for the compliment on Kenzie. As for the tools, I find a good blower works wonders and saves alot of the brushing, and removing the dead hair. I also use what's called "Line Brushing" with a Greyhound comb I can explain what that means if you're not familiar with it.. A tool called a Rake is my best friend, and I saw a pic of one somewhere on this thread. The amount your brushing out sounds normal, keep in mind the pics are during the time she's blowing coat. Day to day with normal combing and brushing, I find very little hair around the house, only occasional dust bunnies, lol . Let me know if you don't understand about line combing, it helps alot! Here's a close up head shot, note how shiney she is while remembering the Alaskan Malamute is the only breed which must be shown naturally, without any sprays, etc:

Last one I promise, gives you an idea of a properly groomed coat (she was 6 months approx. in last one

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