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yes with a long-toothed shedding rake (i like the curvy handle for good grip) and a bit of patience, i think it will make a big difference For the food, there are many Lamb-based holistic brands on the market (they cost a bit more per bag but you feed less and there is less poop to pick up), if you open a new thread in the food forum and ask, i am sure you will get many awesome recommendations

you can add canned sardines, mackeral or salmon (all packed in water, not oil) to her kibble, any oily ocean fish is excellent. Say 3 or 4 meals per week... or buy some Omega-3 capsules at walmart or other cheap places, and give one per day - dose is 1000mg per capsule. some dogs don't tolerate it well though so you may want to monitor her poops, drinking, etc if you start this. however *most* dogs do very well on it!

northern breeds thrive on fish... have you tried feeding her a fish-based kibble?

she is gorrrrgeous!
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