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Thanks for all your responses! I really appreciate your help.
Shannon, your dog is gorgeous! And yeah it does help to know others are worse off ;-). I wasn't able to extract as much fur as you while brushing. Generally I extract about half a shopping bag or about five handfuls every two days. However what bothers me is that my dog never had a major blowing off period which would be OK with me - she just sheds all the time with the same intensity. Does it sound normal to you, I mean brushing off this much every day witout any change for a few months?

I took a picture of the tools I use, can you tell me if they look effective to you, or would you rather recommend something else? I mostly use the green wire brush in the middle, it works the best.
btw she also doesn't like being brushed by it, so if you know some other instrument which might work better and be more pleasant for the dog, I'd apperciate your advice
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