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Originally Posted by cpietra16
sorry to hear that. I was hoping you could get some answers. I'll keep trying other sources
Great news! I was able to track down the OP's business that you directed me to, and called them! Their vet said it IS a nail and it's some type of genetic mutant thing some dogs have. Their dogs nail just fell out one day and never grew back, either did the one on their BC's neck which had grown after they posted here! Not dangerous just make sure she doesn't chew at it! I'd like to sincerely thank you cp for directing me to them, and also a very, very sincere thank you to the OP for calling me back from Tenn. She's sending me a pic of the original nail on tail and I'll post it as well as Shannons when I get it!

What a relief, and THANK YOU AGAIN!
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