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I have one

Yep, I have an Alaskan Malamute, and it's perfectly normal to shed every day, and even more so when they "blow coat" twice a year, same as Huskys. I agree with what others posted re the dog food issue. We feed Eagle Pack Holistic, Anchovie which does help as has all the necessary fish oils etc. Daily DEEP brushing, removing the dead wooly undercoat also helps. Don't just brush the top coat or guard coat, but you need to get right down to the skin. This is esp. true of the bloomies and tail! When Kenzie blows coat, I have about a 2 inch deep pile of hair and wool on the floor all over my grooming room, when not blowing coat, dust or fur bunnies are a normal fact of life with these breeds. When brushing, be carefull not to break the new guard hairs. Oh, and we also give her a can of sardines once a week to help keep her coat shiny and healthy. You can find pics of her if you do a search for Kenzie, there's alot of compliments on her coat, and she's gotten her Canadian Championship, will be competing for her American Championship soon. I'll post a pic of the floor when she's blowing coat when I have a little more time, so you can see just how much they shed, LOL Fur bunnies on the floor is a normal lifestyle with these breeds, but if you're really concerned, and the food change doesn't help, get a thyroid test done.
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