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Question My Husky is shedding terribly


My Husky I adopted from a shelter about half a year ago appears to have a HUGE problem with shedding Now I knew that Huskies shed, but what's going on with my dog seems to me to be way out of ordinary. I brush her every day or every two days (I use this wire brush - other thigs I tried seem to work worse than that), and still there is an awful lot of hair in the house. To picture how much there is: bundles of hair collect in every corner of the house and each day I pick up few handfuls. I live in an apartment building and the staircase which I only pass with her on the way to my flat is also full of hair . Now, neighbours started to complain and the cleaning lady said to me that she collects a few handfuls of hair each time she cleans the stairs...Of course I'm not even talking about the clothing and the furniture, hair is clearly all over them.
Now this continued for half a year already so it's not something passing. I wanted to ask other Schpitz type dog owners if their dog is shedding in the same amounts and do they possibly have some advice on feeding/combing/anything else that can help minimize shedding? I just want to know if my situation seems ordinary to you.
About my dog - she's a Siberian Husky, six years old (as it turned out. When I adopted her the shelter claimed she was three), spayed. I feed her Pro Plane with Lamb and she seems to be doing great on it, save the shedding.
So, any input will be appreciated, thanks in advance
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