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Exclamation Nails Growing On Tail HELP PLS

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, between trouble staying logged in and real life, I've slipped. But please, I need help from someone.

A while ago, I noticed that Shannon, my 10 year old GSD, had what looked like a nail growing out of the middle side part of her tail. Within 2 weeks, it had developed into a cluster of 3. It looked exactly like a dogs nails would, same shape, and had a curve just like a nail. At first it was white, then turned black, and even felt hard like a nail, but the first one if scrapped with your nail would sort of dissentigrate in tiny black thingys and fall off. The base was connected to her tail, and if pushed to the side, you could see the skin was raw underneath the "nail". It's not painful, nor seemed to bother her.

I took her to the vet and low and behold, the vet said it was the same material as what a dogs nails were made of, except did not have a quik. She proceeded to cut it, near the base, just like the nails on her feet! I decided I wanted a second opinion, went to a different vet, and showed them the growths without telling them what had already been diagnosed when it grew back long again. I got the same diagnosis, yes, it's the same cell material that makes the dog nails, and she also cut it with the nail clippers, and said to get it cut at the same time as Shannons nails were done! It didn't bleed, no quik, and still didn't bother her. Now she has a few on her neck!

Has anyone ever heard of this? I'll try to post a picture in the next couple of days when they grow long again, to show exactly how it looks (even curves like a real toe nail when it gets too long).

Please, if you've ever heard of this, or have a website I can read about it, or know why this is happening, please post it here. BTW, all blood panels were normal!
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