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adopted a RedBone

We own a RedBone Coonhound (that is what we were told but we don't know any history of her parents). But I do believe it when I read about the breed and see the similarities in her own behaviour.

And yes she is often mistaken for a Lab cross or even a Rhodesian Ridgeback without the Ridge.

We adopted her about six months ago and the rescue agency guessed her age at 1 1/2 - 2 years. She's really beautiful but boy oh boy what a handful.

I was reading this post to get some advice on training her as we believe that this is the first time she's lived in a house as a family pet. She's come a long way. Yes she likes to pull at times but having a pocket full of treats helps control her when she sees something that she wants to bolt after. The extenda-leash works well for her as she can stop and sniff something and then catch up when I walk past her. It's usually fully extended at all times. It allows her to cover a large area with her nose to the ground without me tugging at her all the time. She is even healing lately which is nice!

She loves off-leash parks and now that we can trust her a bit, I can let her off-leash in other areas. STOP commands works well and she stops in her tracks. I agree when she is in her 'element' she is the most happy and beautiful.

We have a lot of other training issues but I'll post more about that so look for us if interested.

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