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Thank you so much for your kind and comforting words. I have put a picture on the shelf of Honey. Right beside it is Honey's favorite little toy. Pumba (from Lion King).

I posted the original post to find out some info on Honey's death. The goal was to find out what Honey could have died from. Now the goal is to protect her pup from something that could have been contageous, or worse... hereditary.

What I have found, is something I fear the most. It is very possible that she could have died from renal dysplasia. It is very common in shih tzus, as well as lhasos.

Renal Dysplasia is the failure of normal development of the kidney. Gradually increasing symptoms include excessive thirst and volume of urine, weight loss, lack of vigor, intermittent loss of appetite and eventual kidney failure often beginning at less than one year of age. VetGen has discovered a linked DNA marker to a required genetic determinant of juvenile renal dysplasia in the above 2 breeds. It is all caused froma defective gene and is believed to be passed on to offspring. I am watching Sugar very carefully. There is still a lot they don't really know about this and through donations, they will find out more. You can also order cheek swab kits to test your dog for renal dysplasia, but they are costly (at least for me right now). If anyone wants more info on this, go to

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