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Originally Posted by Puppyluv
A little off topic, but megan, do you know how to find your MAC address on an apple?
Macintosh OS (Pre OS X):
Once you have made sure your Apple computer is running system 7.6.1 or higher, and has Open Transport installed follow the instructions below to find the MAC address of your computer:

Click the Apple Menu.
Click on "Control Panels" to open your control panels folder.
Open the "TCP/IP" control panel
Go to the Edit Menu
Click on User Mode
Change the mode to "Advanced" and click "OK".
Click on the "Info" button
The Hardware address is your MAC address

Macintosh (OS X):
If your computer is running OS X, it is best to have it upgraded to at least 10.1

From the dock, select "System Preferences".
Select the "Network" Pane
With the TCP/IP tab selected, the number next to Ethernet Address is you MAC address.

MAC addresses look like XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX.

I hope that helps (I had to get it off a website since I didn't know since I haven't used Apple computers in forever)

I'm not sure of which Operating system you were using (OS) so I copied in both instructions.

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