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Make sure that you've got 2 settings at the ready on your router:

1. WEP or WPA passkeys/phrases @ 128 encryption
***NOTE: Write this down on a piece of paper before you click ok to set it, once set, if you haven't written it down, you will not be able to log into the router, and will do the hard reset song and dance in a crabby 2 step (at least, that's what I do)

You'll need to go into your wireless/network interface in Windows to enter in your WEP/WPA key when you set it, once done, you'll be able to web again just fine.

2. Your router interface will have a WL setup (at least Netgear does), in which you can make an allow list, based on your computers MAC address. You can find your computers MAC address by going to Start --> RUN --> CMD. Once the command prompt pops up, type in ipconfig and it'll list it below.

If you'd like, post your router make/model and I can PM you the doc we use to walk folks through troubleshooting, complete with screenshots
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