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You ladies crack me right up LOL , my kids have NEVER pulled anything off the shelves, if there's just me shopping with both, they both sit in the cart, Not on the end in it, if two of us, one sit in a stroller, I even take my daycare kids shopping that's how good they are, each take a side of the cart and away we go I do have to agree that my nieces do not act the same at my house as they do at home, I DON'T take their crap,(their both 5) and papillonmama you do belong in the club - there's different degree's in mean I love my kids and I'm very proud of how they act, but I will not let them run me into the ground.

the only time we have ever 'opened' anything is a box of kleenex, trust me it was a must and I had brought some with me but ran out I felt awful, but I wasn't going to walk through the store with drippy noses
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