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Bridie, Ceili and Declan thank you very much for that extra scratch under the chin Marko ! And they got liver tonight for dinner so I could sit for a few minutes to listen to your podcast ~ so they are quite thrilled with #3,

The interview content was interesting ~ a little basic maybe. You could probably shorten you introductory comments a little to eliminate the redundancy. The sound quality during the interview was odd ~ tin can or bottom of the well whereas the sound quality during your intro and sign-off commentary was fine. There was however a difference in volume between your commentary and the actual interview.

Future topics ? Nutrition - how about a raw v. manufactured debate ? Orrrrr maybe just nutrition in general... Complimentary medicines with a Vet who also practices homeopathy etc.. Dealing with specific unwanted behaviours with a behaviourist. Dog therapy in institutional settings. Police who compete in Schutzhund (sp?) and obedience trials. Grooming techniques, specialty tools and insider trade secrets. The last question you asked Bev was one worth pursuing in more depth I think as it has come up on the Board more than a few times, "What to look for in a Vet".

Great podcast overall though ~ she sounds like she'll be a great Vet someday soon! Thanks !
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