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Originally Posted by Melei'sMom
Which little girl? My girl has a collection of extremely fragile blown glass figures and deco balls that she started collecting when she was about 4, not one is cracked, chipped or broken. There are good, respectful kids in our society today. I can name 4...mine...but I am getting a little sick of people assuming all kids are monsters and acting surprised when my kids behave like they know manners and rules!

I am proud of my kids and the way they act in public and respect their elders, but then again I am a 'mean mom' and have no desire to be my kids' buddy. I am their parent. If more parents were to parent first and wait until their kids are adults before you develop a friendship, our kids would be raised as well as we were.
Both of mine have special breakables - that are not broken,out where little fingers can touch. We like the saying 'look with your eyes not your hands' when we are out and about, and to use 'inside voices' is a must.
I have to agree, once when I didn't have children (and sometimes now) if we are out and someones child is having a melt down, take them home be considerate to others. I also am a 'mean mom' and my children are only 4 & 2.5 but they have rules to follow and respect and are for the most part VERY well behaved, they WILL have respect for people in authority or have to suffer the wrath of mommy and daddy . If we are out and one has a melt down, we just pack up and go home, simple as that doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing, they(kids) have choices and consequences, and the same rules apply to everyone, does it suck? Sure does sometimes. ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Glad to hear I'm not the only 'mean mommy' out there

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