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I am proud of my kids and the way they act in public and respect their elders, but then again I am a 'mean mom' and have no desire to be my kids' buddy. I am their parent. If more parents were to parent first and wait until their kids are adults before you develop a friendship, our kids would be raised as well as we were.
Hail to Melei's Mom! you hit the nail on the head with that one... and your children are proof that this recipie WORKS. unfortunately, the advice parents get today (if any at all...) on how to manage their children is so far from what it used to be - back when children should be seen and not heard, for example - that it's producing masses of unbalanced kids who need boundaries but have no parents to set them PLUS throw in the new-age nanny (cable TV, videogames, computer...) and overworked parents who feel guilty for working so much so they compensate with material stuff... it's just not healthy.

yeah... parenting furkids is definitely easier!
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