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Originally Posted by LM1313
Raising a puppy must be sooo much easier than raising a child . . . only a few months of adolescence versus a few YEARS! LOL!

I do think kids have become more unruly than they used to be. My mother, grandma, etc., had porcelain dolls. Obviously, a little girl would have to be extremely careful in order to keep a porcelain doll from breaking. One throw of the doll during a tantrum = broken doll. And the doll certainly wouldn't have been replaced if it had been broken . . . with such large families (seven kids in my mom's family) they could never had afforded that.

I'll bet a porcelain doll wouldn't last five minutes with a little girl today.

Which little girl? My girl has a collection of extremely fragile blown glass figures and deco balls that she started collecting when she was about 4, not one is cracked, chipped or broken. There are good, respectful kids in our society today. I can name 4...mine...but I am getting a little sick of people assuming all kids are monsters and acting surprised when my kids behave like they know manners and rules!

I am proud of my kids and the way they act in public and respect their elders, but then again I am a 'mean mom' and have no desire to be my kids' buddy. I am their parent. If more parents were to parent first and wait until their kids are adults before you develop a friendship, our kids would be raised as well as we were.
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