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I so agree!

When my son was younger if he acted up I would quickly remove him from the restaraunt and if he did not calm down, I would have our food wrapped up.

Yeah, it sucks as a parent having to just up and leave, however the sooner that the child realizes that this type of behavior will not be tollerated the sooner a parent will be able to visit a restaraunt with a well behaved child.

Children learn from past experiences and bribing children only teaches them that if they act up when mom or dad brings me out to such and such a place then I get rewarded...

Apparantly too many parents do not know the above so someone has to tell them that they have to leave... which then can end up in a confrontation between the parent and the servers in an even bigger comotion followed by stories of how people should never eat at such and such a place because they are so rude in there... lol!

This past December my family went to a high ticketed dinner show with a family style setting and there was a small child at the table, around 2 or 3, I did know but do not recall... At first my teen son was not happy as he thought it would be an ordeal but I told him to give them a chance that not everyone lets their children run wild... The parents were fabulous and got the child up a few times to walk around in the hall so the child would not get bored and absolutely no one heard a peep from him...
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