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"Best" Dogs for Allergies....

I agree a lot with what the other post said, but I think there are degrees of allergic reaction too. Just depends on how much you love dogs and how much you're willing to put up with. I've been allergic to dogs all my life, but I've always had them too -- indoors.

I do take pains to wash them frequently (and it doesn't hurt the dogs' coats at all) but it sure is hard on me to keep enough towels around and to go thru the pain of having to drag, push, pull and cram a big St. Bernard's rear-end in my bathtub (who is unwilling to go) -- thats the hardest part for me!

I also think keeping them out of your bedroom is a good idea. And you could try some of the "Allerpet" products, which is supposed to neutralize the proteins in the saliva of the animals (cats or dogs). (I also have two cats in our household). I also vacuum frequently. I have many people tell me when they come to visit that they can never tell that ANY dog is in the house, so I think its a tribute to how much you want to keep....I will do anything & everything to keep my animals close to me, but thats just me.

Now, I just recently got two new puppies (Labradoodle and Goldendoodle) who are supposed to shed less, but we'll see. I figure it couldn't hurt anymore than my other dogs anyway (St. Bernard) but I'll be curious if my allergies bother me less with two of the poodle cross-breeds. They are sure goofy puppies -- I have never even known anyone before who has a poodle so I wasn't sure what to expect but they're just so comical acting. I'm going to have to read-up on that breed I guess. I've had plenty of exposure to Labs and Goldenretrievers and these two puppies are very curly (more of the poodle in them) so I guess that means personality wise too)

Sorry this first post got to be so long -- I'm new to this forum and glad to be here!

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