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Thanks everyone-
Lucky Rescue: we did not get this dog from the breeder who said that food - she was adopted from the humane society. our other dog was already eating that when we brought her home- I know not a good choice anyway, but he was healthy and good looking, so unfortunately we didnt think much about it - maybe she is jsut more sensitive that him now I know better, and am goign tomorrow to get some good food!
one thing taht confuses me though, is that today she had been fine and once again broke out in hives this evening before she had even eaten anything! which makes me think its not the food (although I am changing it anyway ) I kept her inside today and only took her for walks instead of letting her play in the yard because the vet said it was likely grass or something. this sounds ridiculous, but is it possible for dogs to be allergic to cats?? the only thing she had been around was the kittens who were crawling on her! I am so confused and frustrated by this!
Thanks again for all your help! and Im sorry Ive been such a bad mommy with the bad food- I promise I know better now!
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