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Originally Posted by mummummum
I wonder how far the jaws of all those doodle and poo people would drop if upon being introduced to their "XYZ-doodle/poo" dawgy we responded with,"Ohhhhh a MUTT, I love MUTTS, MUTTS are the best, which shelter did you adopt her/him from?"
I've done that... "ohh what a beautiful dog, what breed is it?" "it's a labradoodle" "ooooooohhh aren't mutts the best? my dog's a mutt too. in fact she's also a lab cross just like your girl!" "no no, I said a LABRADOODLE" "yeah, I know, a lab-poodle cross. Did you get her at the pound? I adopted mine from a rescue" "No, I payed $2000 for her. She's not a mutt, she's a LABRADOODLE!!!" "$2000? WOW! I saw a dog that looked just like her at the SPCA last week, he was still a puppy too, but what a cutie!"

(True conversation, possibly affected slightly by memory, but same overall proceeding)
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