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Dog with allergies

HI - this is my first time here, but it looks like a great site and forum so far!
I have a beagle mix named Bailey we recently adopted- she is 8 mo old.
since we got her she has been scratching and biting alot eventhough the vet sees no sign of fleas. 2 nights ago she suddenly broke out in hives. we gave her benadryl and got her to the vet in the morning. they assumed a reaction to the wormer she had had the day before and changed to a new one. (she has not taken the new one) the hives went away and we continued the benadryl, and last night she again broke out in hives! the benadryl seems to help, as they are mostly gone now, but I am trying to find out what is causing! my ideas are possibly the margarine she had the meds with both days or possible grass ...... any ideas to help us determine the cause?? her fur is getting very thin in places with all the itching.
Thanks so much!

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