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My bfs niece has very bad asthma and the 2 girls had wanted a dog for a very long time.

Their mother found out about wheaton terriers being a possible choice due to their non shedding coat. Gradually she was able to introduce her daughter to the breed so that they could see if she could be around the dog and as it turned out, she was fine and they finally got their dog!

I am told that although wheaton terriers do not shed like other dogs that they still do shed dander and they, of course, have saliva, which is a trigger for some peoples allergy so if one is considering a dog they should find a way to spend a considerable amount of time around the breed before bringing home a puppy or a dog so as not to have to "let the dog go" down the road as it is not fair to the dog or the human... too many emotions on both sides.
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