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My cat is doing that exact same thing
she was checked out and dx cold and have been back for more anitbiotics and it isnt helping
i read up on cat colds and she doesnt have the runny eyes or cough
i myself think its an allergy.
i was told if she is still sneezing when im done this med to bring her back as she is scheduuled to be fixed on june 13th.they wont do it if she still has the cold they said.
she is a stray and was like this when i got her. only have had her two eweks now.she seems perfectly healthy then get these sneezing fits and sound stuffed up until she sneezing out the snot then is fine again until 5 to 10 hours later or next day etc.
anyone else for any advice out there.
the vet figured she is around a year old or more.
plus after reading it said that other cats in same household would come down with a cold and my other one hasnt and they curl up and sleep together ,share toys and play alot together.even eat out of each other water and food dishes.and they do each have their own.
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