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Fur loss

I have a 1 yr old tonkaneese male cat. Hes an indoor/ourdoor cat. a few mo. ago he got scratched by another cat and loss his eye. He just had what was left of his eye removed and he was nuturted and had his shots. At the same time he was in the Vets. We moved in with my mother who has 2 female cats. When I took Romeo home from the vets he was healthy but stressed out in his new home. The two female cats tried to attack him a few times I kept him seperate in the house. Its been almost 1 mo. and last week i was brushing him and noticed his had a bold spot on his neck.. then yesterday i noticed two more bold spots. one between his shoulder blades and the other near his hip. Im worried about him.. I keep waiting to see if it will just go away. Is it stress related? I cant aford to bring him back to the vets yet. Im still paying off his bill.. Anybody has any sugestions ??
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