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The 2nd one with Doug Simpson/Tenderfoot was very education and interesting thank you.

Gulp, I don't think I'm a good mommy!!! Leadership is their treat I'm afraid their lives have been a recess Sweating ... I'm goiing to have to go back and take notes!

Anyway thanks Tenderfoot and Marko it was a great learning experience.

The music was good I liked it.

Audio ... I found it a little low and confusing bec when you Marko would talk it would only come through the right earphone and left for Tenderfoot reducing the volume - mind you, your voice was much clearer. I think Doug's was just softer maybe?

Overall it was a pleasant experiment ... good show.

Your 1st pod's ending was nice: Bob Barker's famous words - please help control the pet's population have your pets spayed or neutered
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