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I'm listening.. Is it really 15 minutes?

K, sorry, I wrote as I listened... So I wrote a lot.

So far... a few chuckles (nice accent). Your voice is really... CBC.. Not that that's a bad thing; it's just very familiar sounding (it's a good clear radio voice).

I like how you call it a show. Makes it more serious and focused.

I like the trust discussion. Especially with all the aggressive dog whisperer crap out there.

uhh.. my doggies are in recess... I'm a bad dogmommy.:sad:

oh, ok, my dogs get more than 30 words a day. I'm a good mommy again.

I don't want my doggies in a grey world.:sad:

I don't push my doggies' hineys down. (I swear instead )

reer he thinks his wifey is hot. She's got shiny har. reer tenderfoot! ooh lala!

Good show! Two thumbs up! (I wudda put the emoticons, but I'm at my limit...)

Oh and if the music is from 2012, how can we hear it now? tee hee hee
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